Furniture Blankets

Economy Grade Mixed Color Pads 72in x 80in multicolor furniture pads-double stitched
Premium Quality Two Tone Pads 72in x 80in solid color furniture pads-double stitched, extra padding
Jumbo Size Multi Color Pads 76in x 96in multicolor jumbo pads-double stitched
Jumbo Size Premium Two Tone Pads 76in x 96in solid color jumbo pads-double stitched, extra padding
Space Saver Pads 54in x 72in “skins’- burlap on one side, moleskin on the other
Burlap Sheets 44in x 77in seamless, tough burlap sheets
Small Warehouse Pads 54in x 72in warehouse pads. Blue/Blue ideal for wrapping furniture going into storage.
Large Warehouse Pads72in x 80in warehouse pads. Blue/Blue
Cloth Runners 27in x 185in cloth runners
Rubber Bands

Polished, cleaned and machine cut from inner tubes to secure furniture blankets on furniture
Small: Chairs
Medium: Tall Hutches
Large: Triple dressers
Also available in Latex

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