About Us

Our company is THE ORIGINAL COMPLETE Moving Supply Company located on Long Island with over 50 years expertise to assist you in properly packing for a successful relocation.

Today, Island Moving Supplies continues to prove to its customers that it can not only solve the most complex problems, but also do it as efficiently as possible.
The services of our company are in demand, but success would not have been possible without a team of professionals whose fresh ideas and progressive aspirations are always aimed at improving the efficiency of the overall work. Today we can say with confidence that Island Moving Supplies employs purposeful, motivated people to get high results!

Our specialists are our pride. More than half of our management team is made up of people who have worked since the company was founded. At the same time, the main principle of Island Moving Supplies is the whole essence of things: treat others the way you want them to be treated. Honesty, decency, search of the best solutions for any client, performance of the obligations just in time – all these are beneficial features of our company. “Only the best solutions for our customers” – this is the recipe for success after 50 years of fruitful work.

Of course, in line with the image of the market leader, Island Moving Supplies works only with the best companies in their fields! By becoming more and more independent every year, Island Moving Supplies can guarantee the high quality of its products, quickly responding to current market changes. For this reason, the search for innovative products and the selection of individual technological solutions are now possible in the shortest possible time! In other words, we take the next step in our commitment to provide each partner with excellent products and quality services at the right time. However if it for any reason is impossible, the customer always receives the full information on the goods or service necessary to it that as a result essentially expands its possibilities for an embodiment of this or that idea!

It is also important that the experts of Island Moving Supplies provide advice on the use of products as the technologists of enterprises, and their customers who want to turn the opportunities and requirements of the market into a profitable business. Island Moving Supplies always supports customers by providing high quality products tailored to their individual needs and pricing that meet market standards.

Look for helpful advice, tips and downloadable forms in this section real soon. This is where we will provide you with information and free help like printable inventory sheets and labels.

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