The Largest Selection of Moving Equipment and Supplies on Long Island

Today’s packaging market is developing at a very rapid pace and in order to maintain competitiveness. Packaging solution providers need to constantly offer their customers innovative products that make the production process as easy as possible. To be the winner of the packaging solutions market, you need to be ahead of time!

When moving, it is necessary to organize transportation for different cargo characteristics: furniture, machinery, clothes, fragile dishes, etc. For this purpose, different packaging materials are used: boxes, corrugated cardboard, stretch film, duct tape, packaging paper, and so on.

Packaging for relocation should provide:

– Protection of items from mechanical damage, contamination, moisture;
– the ability to store, store goods;
– convenient sorting of the items being transported;
– ability to quickly pack and unpack things;
– for large objects – possibility of convenient attachment in the body of the vehicle.

Such packaging should be compact (do not increase the volume of transported cargo). As it is used once, it is desirable that its price is minimal.

Manufacturers of packaging equipment and consumables are constantly moving forward. They invest in the development of their companies and new technologies. Develop devices that allow to easily vary the size of packages, etc. Let us explain this responsible approach, because customers of such companies mainly come for ready-made solutions. They need not only packaging, but also a complete production line, and they do not want to apply for all this in several different organizations! In its active work in the domestic market Island Moving Supplies focuses on cooperation with the most famous companies, whose names speak for themselves.

We offer the buyer packing equipment and consumables of the highest quality, including:


Single Wall Cartons
Double Wall Cartons
Heavy Duty Cartons

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Pouches

Paper, Tape, & Rope

White Packing Paper
Tissue Paper
Foam Rolls
Styrofoam Chips (Peanuts)
Stretch Wrap
Paper Pads

Handtrucks & Dollies

Hand Trucks
Platform Trucks
Furniture Dollies
Platform Dollies
Jumbo Dollies
Piano Dollies
Replacement Casters
Pallet Dollies

Tie Down Systems & Straps

Logistic Straps
Interior Ratchet Straps
Auto Tie Downs
Winches & Track
Axle Straps


Furniture Blankets
Rubber Bands
Clear Plastic Sheeting
Plastic Strapping and tools
Steel Strapping and tools
Work Gloves
Tape guns and dispensers
Pallet Jacks
Wire Rope Slings
Nylon Lifting Slings