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A successful move to a new apartment or a larger office must be carefully planned and organized. A lot depends on responsible attitude to the process of moving, however, as in any other important business. You can choose a company-carrier with the help of one of the best review sites: This will give you the opportunity to get a competent recommendation about the carrier.

Let’s go on to talk about the most pressing issues when moving – what you will inevitably face.

Choosing the right packaging materials for your move with the right care will save you a lot of potential problems and challenges. And so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right packaging for your move, we’ll go over all the necessary packaging materials and tools in the context of their practical application – why and why they will be useful when moving or transporting household or office items.

How do I move furniture?

Home and office furniture can be large or oversized, made of wood or plastic, with metal parts or woven from the vine, for example, with or without glass inserts. That is, there are many types of furniture. And if you decide to transport furniture yourself, you should carefully pack it, of course, taking into account the type of coating, the presence of glass inserts and dimensions of furniture in assembled or disassembled form. You will also need a truck with a hydroport.

You will need several types of packaging to transport your furniture:

Firstly, cardboard boxes – depending on the size of the boxes, you can put either pieces of disassembled furniture or furniture fittings into them;
second, stretch-film – stretch-film wraps furniture elements with sensitive coating types to protect them from scratches, dirt and dust;
thirdly, duct tape – duct tape is always useful when moving around, and when transporting furniture – just necessary. Any basic packaging for furniture (be it boxes, sheets or rolls of corrugated cardboard or packaging paper) is fixed with duct tape for a secure fixation and to avoid slipping during transport;
fourth, roll or sheet corrugated cardboard – regardless of the type, thickness and color of corrugated cardboard you choose, this packaging and wrapping material will help you securely protect any large items. Simply wrap them in corrugated cardboard and tape them up. Corrugated cardboard can also be used as an alternative to pallets that carry furniture, appliances and items during a home or office move. In addition, a layer of corrugated cardboard will protect the load being transported from friction against the walls of the car body and from friction or impacts against each other;
fifth, packing paper – packing paper will be useful for packing doors, mirrors or windows. At that it should be understood that at moving there is no special difference, what to choose – packing paper or kraft paper. These wrapping materials differ only in the type of raw material (waste paper or non-white wood cellulose respectively) and sometimes in density. Choose at your discretion.

How do I transport fragile and lightweight objects and things?

Transporting fragile and frivolous home or office items will not be easy in any case – at least decide to transport them yourself, or for you will do everything skillful movers.

The most pressing question is the number and size of fragile items. If your fragile and valuable items easily fit into cardboard boxes of suitable sizes – perfectly, carefully wrap them in paper or special air-bubble film for furniture transportation and place them in durable corrugated cardboard boxes. Why must they be sturdy? The fact is that the bottom of the box should be able to withstand the weight of the packaged cargo and not to break through during, for example, skidding on the floor or in the apartment.

When choosing cardboard boxes for transporting dishes or other glass and ceramic products, pay attention to cardboard boxes with a lid and convenient carving under handles. They will make it much easier for you to carry any dishes and other fragile items. Also try to buy cardboard boxes made of durable material – the five-layer corrugated cardboard packaging will do. The colour of the boxes is, of course, absolutely unimportant.

In the case when it is not possible to choose a box for fragile and easily friable items – for example, you want to transport some fragile floor lamp of large size – then you have to do with air bubble and stretch film. Thoroughly wrap the cargo first with bubble wrap and then stretch film and secure the joints with duct tape.

How do I transport large and heavy items?

When ordering rigging specialists, the problem of transporting heavy objects and large goods is solved by itself – they come to your call with all the necessary equipment and tools for disassembly and transportation. But what if you decide to dismantle and transport on your own, for example, a bath or shower stall, safe or bilge?

In this case, the first thing to consider is whether these items will pass through the doorways of the apartment and entrances, and whether it will be possible to carry them through the corridors and staircases. If the size allows – wonderfully, pack the cargo in a dense packing paper or wrap a stretch film thickness of not less than 20 microns, and in the car set on a single or double honeycomb pallet, depending on the gravity of the structure. Nothing is complicated. But if the dimensions are too large, then you will still have to order a specialist in rigging (lifting objects on the outer walls of the building). And in this case, you should consult with them before packing transported oversized items.

What should I do with the garbage left over from the move?

Any move leaves some garbage behind. You can reduce it by hiring good professionals who can move and install all household items extremely carefully and cleanly. But even so, there will still be some garbage left.

According to the law, you must ensure the disposal of this garbage yourself, otherwise you face a fine. In general, either you will have to clean up the remaining garbage yourself, or hire a specialist to clean up and take out construction waste. It’s up to you to decide.

In the collection of garbage after moving, you will either need quality and inexpensive gloves with a PVC dot so as not to hurt your hands. But what do you want to put garbage in? – It’s up to you. You can use polyethylene garbage bags or thick polypropylene bags of large size, or you can put the garbage in used cardboard boxes, which will remain after unpacking.

If the remaining garbage is too bulky, for example, pieces of furniture or old chairs, and does not fit into the trash can, you will have to hire a specialist to take out the construction waste or take it to the dump by yourself. There is, of course, the option of taking wooden and paper garbage out of the house and just burn it in the street somewhere nearby. However, this is not always possible, especially in urban environments.

The most practical and fastest way to get rid of garbage is to order a construction garbage disposal team from a shipping company. It is very fast, convenient and does not need to waste a lot of time and effort. By the way, by law, such garbage is considered to be construction waste and a fine for its disposal in the wrong place corresponding.

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